STX Tracker


The STX is more than just an easy to install plug & play tracking system. It connects to almost any vehicle or facility with a variety of cable options. In a fleet setting, it reads and reports engine diagnostics, fuel data, driver behavior, temperature data and more. It can also provide data for specialized, on-board equipment such as PTO status. With a small footprint and rugged design, the STX is tested for vibration, shock, moisture, and extreme temperatures, and is built for reliable performance under the rigors of industrial fleet operations ranging from light vehicles to heavy duty trucks, industrial machinery and more.


  • Engine Diagnostics – Auto detection of the specific JBus protocol. Sends CANbus OBDII, K-Line, J1939, and J1708 data such as: fuel consumption, oil pressure, distance travelled, RPM, and much more to the control center in real time with every GPS data, or at a predetermined interval (configurable OTA).
  • Driver Behavior Monitoring System – detects and reports extreme driving behavior such as sudden acceleration, sudden lane crossing, sharp turns and sudden braking.
  • USB/BLE 4.1 for ELD – Pairs with any mobile device and transfers to it the J1939 or J1708 engine diagnostics data for ELD compliance through USB or Bluetooth.
  • Temperature Monitoring – Monitor up to 6 different compartments with an accuracy of ±0.5°C. Easily configure the STX to report the temperature readings periodically, when the temperature changes more than X degrees and configure alarm limits for highs/lows.
  • IO’s – 2 digital inputs, 1 digital output and 1 analog input for event logs such as engine on/off, vibration alarm, door open/close, are sent with the time stamp of the event.
  • Driver ID – Authorize drivers to start vehicle with driver identification via dallas keys or passive RFID keys.
  • Back-Up Battery – Integrated rechargeable back-up battery. If the power is disconnected, the units keeps sending data.
  • Auto Event Send – Stores and forwards up to 5000 events and sends them automatically when unit is back in cellular coverage.


The STX is much more than a standard tracking system. It is a modular plug & play vehicle gateway with a small footprint and rugged design. The STX is tested for vibration, shock, moisture, and extreme temperatures, and is built for reliable performance under the rigors of industrial fleet operations ranging from light vehicles to heavy duty trucks, industrial machinery and more. providing fleet managers complete, real-time visibility to location and driver behavior to increase work flow productivity, reduce fuel costs, streamline maintenance, and improve fleet and driver safety. That means you will increase customer satisfaction by reducing down time and the time it takes to get to the job. The STX enables a myriad of other options that will handle all your fleet needs. View Brochure (pdf)

  • Backup Battery – If the STX is disconnected, the unit automatically switches to a back up 1800mA/3.7 VDC lithium rechargeable battery which can send up to 1200 GPS locations. So, if the driver unplugs the unit, it will continue to operate. All Famhost systems have backup batteries.
  • Controller Area Network (CAN Bus) Interface – a robust vehicle bus standard designed to allow microcontrollers and devices to communicate with each other’s applications without a host computer. It enables the STX to send vehicle information to the Famhost cloud based portals for management and maintenance. The growth of Internet of Things IoT opens the door for much more in the way of reducing fuel costs, improving driving, logging vehicle information in real time, and reducing insurance costs. It serves as a “Black Box” for legal and driver compliance, warranty information, issues difficult to troubleshoot, and a way to incentivize drivers to improve their behavior.
  • Driver identification – Authorized driver ID’s for the specific vehicle are downloaded to the unit OTA and only the drivers authorized by you can start the vehicle. The driver ID is sent to the control center database and driver behavior is recorded regardless of the vehicle being driven. The driver can also wear a RFID bracelet which monitors the driver’s temperature and records vehicles driven, stops made, and proximity to other drivers for Covid-19 and other health related matters.
  • Temperature monitoring enables real-time location tracking and temperature control of refrigerated assets such as containers, reefers, trailers, trucks and cargo. The STX provides for a full fleet management solution which easily integrates with other applications and enterprise systems. Users gain 24/7 visibility & control into the location and temperature status of all their reefer trailers & container units, while reducing operational costs & cutting the risk of cargo loss and asset damage. Automated alarms also enable rapid response to equipment malfunctions, unplugged reefers and other critical conditions that could jeopardize valuable perishable shipments.
  • Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) / USB support for ELD (Electronic Logging Device) Compliance. Sends via BLE or Dual USB/BLE the ECM (Engine Control Module Data) to any mobile device for ELD Compliance providing the functionality and reliability of a one-piece fixed mount integrated on-board computer for a fraction of the price.