Student Transportation and Campus Management

Knowing the Location of Your Students And School Buses


Gain Visibility, Safety, Routing And Control Of The Location And Status Of Your Students And School Buses

Famhost offers a unique comprehensive solution for managing the daily school bus operation that links the school, the parents and the buses into one powerful system. The solution provides fleet management for school buses including GPS tracking, engine diagnostic and driver behavior, all integrated with RFID technology for student monitoring, resulting in the most integrated student location tracking system on the market. For Post-Covid-19 back to school, we have extended the solution to include student location tracking throughout the school campus and include auto temperature checks and distance alerts. The solution easily integrates with other applications and enterprise systems.

Features & Benefits

RFID for Student Monitoring

An advanced RFID system integrated with fleet management allow for immediate log of each student, increasing visibility.

Routing Management

Clear status of every bus within the scheduled route, planned ETA vs actual ETA, delays, direction and average speed.

Parent Portal

Dedicated ParentLink App enables you to offer uber-like service, parents can see real time bus location, where and when the student boards the bus and receive real time alerts

School Bus Monitoring System

With the platform, you have real-time view of every angle of your fleet activity including current status, last & historical location, actual speed vs speed limits, driver behavior, engine diagnostics & real-time cameras

Multi-Camera System For Student Visibility & Safety

Capture every angle, with around the clock recording and support for up to 4 cameras including a dual facing fleet tracking dash cam, interior and side cameras.

Auto-upload video from multiple cameras triggered by Driver Behavior Events such as sudden brake, sudden acceleration, sharp turns and lane crossing with the exact time and location. Live View on demand to see what is happening inside your buses.

Student Monitoring Using RFID Technology

Passive or Active RFID Tags associated with every child allow for immediate log of each student, increasing visibility and allowing you to:

  • Track attendance
  • Account when and where each student got on and off the bus
  • Detect unauthorized student boarding
  • Detect duplicate usage of the same ID card.

The student location tracking system combined with the school bus tracker system offers the most integrated school bus safety solution on the market.

Routing & Real Time ETA Management

Gain visibility and control over your entire operation, know at all times which students got on each bus and when, know the ETA of every stop.

Parent App

No more “where’s my bus” calls from parents.

Dedicated Parent portal app available on both iOS & Android reduces inbound calls by automatically sharing real-time bus location and ETAs with parents and alerting them if buses are running late.

Parents can view arrival and departure times at every stop along the route, including how long the bus spent at any stop.

Your Students Have Different Needs We Offer Multiple Solutions

Passive RFID/NFC Cards Action Required By Students
  • Action is required by students – student scans his RFID card on the RFID reader upon boarding the bus.
  • Pick-up/drop off log is streamed to the cloud.
Active RFID Tags For Action-Free Student Tracking
  • A wireless RFID tag (RFTag) allows for a no-touch log of pick up /drop off of students – no action is required by the student.
  • This solution has a great advantage- especially for younger students.