Famhost Fleet Asset Management

We aren’t just another GPS company. Famhost provides everything you need for your fleet asset management and hosting, all in one place. Vehicles, tools, equipment, people, and data from IoT sensors. All of our equipment can be configured to act as an IoT gateway to collect, process, and forward sensor data to the Famhost server which enables countless applications in addition to traditional tracking solutions. Your current Android and Apple phones can also be used gateways if you do not want to use installed devices. The Famhost platform enables you to share data with your existing software applications. Continue reading below for more information about our Application Services. We care about you and understand that every customer has different needs, but we also understand that it isn’t enough to get data in a whole bunch of different applications that you don’t even know how to log into. Let us help you. Fill out this form and we will make it easy.

Famhost Hosted Application Service

Keep control of your business information. Put all of your business applications, even legacy and desktop software, into a local cloud environment for easy and secure access. Control which applications each employee has access to so that they can safely work from home or on the road as easily as from the office. Secure central file storage. Deploy new applications without installing or touching your desktop or wireless devices. Own your own server so your applications run in your own cloud or use a server in our secure datacenter. Runs on Windows, iOS, Mac OSX, HTML5 and Android. Enables you to run Sage products and Quickbooks Enterprise on any device including Mac. Backups of backups. Primary, Secondary, and Tertiary off-site backups | Freedom from Malware. Using Famhost as your Application Service Provider enables you to protect your Mission Critical business applications even when used on employee owned devices. Enterprise Level Support you’ve come to depend on for over 20 years.

Secure, reliable, and easy remote access on any device, anywhere.