IoT BLE Tags

RFLINK: Wireless Active RFID BLE Tags

Track and Manage your valuable assets

Solar recharge capability eliminates time consuming manual battery charging, increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing maintenance costs.

Wireless Temperature Monitoring

2 options for temperature monitoring: External digital temp sensor: High accuracy of +/- 0.9°F (0.5°C).  Internal integrated  temperature sensor: accuracy of +/- 1.8°F (1°C).

Range Configuration

For certain applications in which the 210ft (70m) communication range is too powerful, the RFTag communication range can be shortened to 3ft, 6ft, 15ft, 30ft (1m,2m,5m or 10m) as needed.

Battery Powered

Up to 24 months of continuous operation with an integrated 200mAh or 500mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Waterproof IP67

Designed for harsh working environments, each RFTag is packaged in a robust IP67 rated enclosure.


Can also function as a wireless remote I/O for detecting door open/closed events.

Driver ID

Only drivers that have the matching ID’s are authorized to start the vehicle.