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The JaRay Software system was created in 1978 to help Paul Farmer and his dad computerize their businesses. Paul Farmer sold his business and joined his father and sister, Jane Jantz to help develop and market the JaRay Software system in 1992. JaRay evolved to be the preferred software for the Roto-Rooter franchise system and other field service companies in 3 continents. Paul founded Famhost as a separate company in 1999 to host JaRay. It became one of the first companies in the world to host an enterprise application on its own server farm. Famhost continued to develop integrated applications for JaRay including Famalytics, GPS, and a Digital Pen service utilizing GPS devices to transmit the data. Famhost also developed a Bluetooth to cellular modem and ancillary applications, integrated phone service, and wireless devices (phones) as a service. ServiceTitan acquired JaRay in 2018 but all of the intellectual capital of the integrated applications was retained by Famhost. Jane decided to retire and enjoy her grandkids. This video is about the ServiceTitan acquisition of JaRay.

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