Paul Farmer

Famhost Founder and President

[email protected]

I like to help people figure out how to fix problems. If you have a particular need, just give me a call. We’ll work together and create a report, alert, or find a sensor to give you what you need. If we don’t have it, we’ll make it!

My dad and mom started business together the year they were married, and business was always part of our family life. Dad encouraged me to start my own business shortly after we were married 52 years ago and mentored me. He loved numbers and when computers came along, he encouraged me to join him in the learning experience. We both started computerizing our businesses in 1978 and those were some of my happiest times. I still have one of the TRS-80 Model One computers, complete with 48k of ram, a 5 mb hard drive, and an Epson MX 80 Tractor feed terminal printer. We each had 3 of them. Mom and dad both had one at the office and another at home. My wife, Shirley, and I each had one at our offices and another at home. Watch the video about our roots. That was the beginning of JaRay Software named after Jane and her husband Ray.

We were one of the first companies in the world to host an enterprise application with customers across the US, Canada, and even Australia and Hong Kong. When ServiceTitan purchased the JaRay software business and our customer base, I kept Famhost. It took us a couple of years to help transition our customers over. While we did that, we rebuilt our fleet asset management and hosting solution with an open application programming interface so that we could use the platform to build whatever we needed.

I love small, family businesses. My hope is that Famhost will continue through multiple generations. Whether you want to talk about a business problem or your grandchildren, give me a call. Even if I don’t have any advice, I will pray with you.