Fleet Maintenance

Fleet Maintenance

Easily keep track of fleet vehicle maintenance events, stay on top of routine services and manage your fleet expenses

Famhost and Fleet.Net fleet management software makes it easy for you to manage all your fleet maintenance events and services and tie it with your DVIR’s and real-time engine data. You gain complete visibility into your fleet’s real-time maintenance status, allowing you to proactively manage and stay on top so you can better plan your fleet around services and maximize fleet productivity. 

Smart Alerts and Reminders

Receive in-app what is fleet maintenance alerts, texts or emails when vehicles have an issue or are due for maintenance..

Expense and Maintenance Log

Effortlessly log your entire fleet’s maintenance records and track your expenses.

Fleet Maintenance Service History

View your fleet’s maintenance records such as tasks, dates, details and costs of comprehensive service logs at a click of a button.

Your New Fleet Maintenance Dashboard

Get a 360° view of the maintenance status across your fleet including tasks, dates, details and costs of comprehensive service logs. Tackle issues as they occur so you can minimize vehicle downtime and maximize fleet efficiency. 

Real-Time Engine Data

With a direct connection to your vehicles’ ECM, Fleet.Net is able to capture real-time data like odometer mileage and engine error codes so you can proactively spot issues as they occur. With Fleet.Net’s smart alerts you will know as soon as any issues arise.

Streamline Fleet Maintenance Services

Set reminders for any fleet service item based on distance traveled, engine run time, or date since last service and Fleet.Net will remind you when service is approaching, so you can plan ahead and achieve maximum fleet uptime.