DriverLink App

DriverLink App Turns Your Driver’s Phone Into a GPS Tracker

Get complete fleet management, GPS Tracking and 2-way messaging using your drivers mobile phones.

Famhost and Fleet.Net fleet management software makes it easy for you to manage all your fleet maintenance events and services and tie it with your DVIR’s and real-time engine data. You gain complete visibility into your fleet’s real-time maintenance status, allowing you to proactively manage and stay on top so you can better plan your fleet around services and maximize fleet productivity. 

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Tool Tracking

Functions as an IoT gateway for tool tracking (when paired with WLI’s mini IoT tags)

Driver Connectivity

Send Push Alerts and 2-way messaging to your driver‘s smartphone

Simple and Affordable

Use your existing drivers smartphone or tablet, no additional HW required!

How it Works

Tool Tracking

DriverLink functions as an IoT gateway for tool tracking, working with mini IoT tags. Drivers gain visibility into the tool inventory and receive alerts if tools are left behind after a job is completed.

2-Way Messaging

Send messages from the Fleet.Net Server to individual drivers or broadcast messages to groups of drivers at once. With read receipts, you always know when your messages have been delivered and read by your drivers.

Tracing From Drivers Mobile Device

No need for telematics hardware! Your drivers mobile device provides fleet management functionalities including point by point historical trail, geofence alerts, speeding and comprehensive fleet management reports.

Temperature Alerts

For the Cold Chain, DriverLink continuously updates the driver with the current temperature, alerting on deviations from the preset temperature thresholds.
DriverLink also provides a graphical display of the temperature changes during the day for the driver to present to the customer when delivering the refrigerated cargo.