Mini IoT GPS Asset Tags

Mini IoT GPS Asset Tags & Tool Tagging System

Introducing The Revolutionary Mini IoT Tags for Tagging Tools & Assets

Easily tag any high value tool, asset or pallet with the revolutionary Mini IoT Tags and know at any moment the last location of your tagged assets. 

A Complete Solution

One powerful platform for all your fleet management and monitoring needs.

Plug & Play

Tags are simply placed on any asset to be monitored. They are easy to deploy and highly scalable, no IT required


Cost effective. A fraction of the cost of installing a tracking device on each asset.

Increase Visibility

Increase visibility into your fleet day to day operations and know where your high valued items are at all times.

Use Mini IoT GPS Asset Tags For

Tools & Asset Management

We help contractors

  • Organize their tools and equipment.
  • Provide field personnel with visibility into the tool inventory
  • Build accountability for tools across the company.

Yard Management & Inventory

Tag every asset placed in a yard or depot and know the last location of that asset in that yard, know when it was dropped off or picked up and by what truck / driver. Know at all times your inventory of items placed in that yard.

Shipment Monitoring

Tag every high value pallet and /or box and know the exact time and location that shipment was removed from the truck.

Student Tracking

An advanced RFID system integrated with fleet management allow for immediate log of each student, increasing visibility.

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