Jarrett Griffin

Sales Manager


Jarrett has spent over 20 years building relationships and providing quality services and products to business owners in Wichita, the surrounding areas and around the entire state of Kansas.
The Griffin family includes his beautiful wife Julie and their 5 amazing children who are as active as any family in the Midwest. Jarrett and Julie can be seen running from Volleyball games, to basketball games year round, and into the bleachers of baseball and softball diamonds throughout the summer.  Jarrett has seen technology change the world around him, and believes in the value that technology and communication can bring to his family, and to a business.
He believes in his Faith, Family, and determination, with a little bit of golf thrown in the mix when time permits.  His mission is to bring crucial data to business owners using technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), that will assist them in making key decisions for their business.